Specialized Diesel Parts, Inc


SDP still offers a series of specialized ALCO 244/251 diesel engine spare parts. This includes new/reman engine blocks and crankshafts. 

SDP - 251 YELLOW.jpg

ALCO 244/251 Engine Parts

24200430-SDP, 24200424-SDP, 24200413-SDP, 24200425-SDP, 24200427-SDP, ALCO 251B PISTON.jpg

Piston Assy. - 24200430-SDP, 24200424-SDP, 24200413-SDP, 24200425-SDP, 24200427-SDP

24200413-SDP - 24200424-SDP - ALCO PISTON-CROWN.jpg

24200413-SDP - 24200424-SDP - Steel Piston/Crown Assy

ALCO PISTON RINGS 24200512-1-SDP, 24210210-SDP, 24210216-SDP, 24210217-SDP, 2421028-2-SDP, 24210233-SDP

Piston Ring Kits -24200512-1-SDP, 24210210-SDP, 24210216-SDP, 24210217-SDP, 2421028-2-SDP, 24210233-SDP

21410166-SDP - Main Bearing.jpg

21410166-SDP - Main Bearing

22211815-SDP - Exhaust Valve Insert.jpg

22211815-SDP - Exhaust Valve Insert

ALCO Manifold Parts

ALCO SHORT BELLOW - 22820112-4-SDP.png

22820112-4-SDP - Bellow Connector - Short

ALCO BELLOW LONG - 22801328-SDP.png

22801328-SDP - Bellow Connector - Long